Friday, October 24, 2014


wake up.
love yourself.
care for yourself.
your body is the most precious thing that you possess.
every single day of your life, you CHOOSE to be conscious or unconscious.
CHOOSE to be awake or live in dreamland.
Please don't sleepwalk through life anymore!

The goal here is forever.
There is no quick fix. It is about longevity.
The ultimate goal is a long, strong, happy and healthy life.
A sharper and clearer mind.
A body that can power the action your mind dreams up for you
A confidence that comes from knowing and caring for yourself.
The rewards are continuous and evolving; the work is daily.
It is about using your discipline to make consistent choices that support your progress towards your goals.

Now, don't just think about it.
You cant just nod along in agreement.
You have to take REAL ACTION.
Every time you make a better choice, you are strengthening your discipline and changing your habits.
These little shifts in awareness will set you up to create more and more healthy habits that will sustain you over a lifetime.


Good health starts with awareness and relies on personal responsibility.
It is translating INTENTION into ACTION.
Get the knowledge and education you need.
Take TIME, commitment and discipline to change your habits.
Be KIND to yourself.

Part of taking responsibility for your health is being kind, loving and supportive to yourself.
Part of being disciplined is encouraging yourself to get up and keep going.
There's a balance to achieve.
You need to keep yourself accountable without beating yourself up if things aren't exactly right all the time.

take steps to connect your body and your mind so that you can develop an awareness of how your actions make you feel, and consistently strive towards those actions that truly make you feel good inside and out. make those actions a habit. build and reinforce your own work ethic for your own health each day. 

Not someone else's but YOUR PERSONAL BEST.
That is how you rise up against any challenge.

wishing you the very best

Thursday, October 23, 2014

finding your inner athlete

you are an athlete. yes, you.
being an athlete is about discovering the joy of moving your body and pushing its limits, the triumphs of discovering that you are stronger than you thought and the triumphant sensation that comes not from winning but WORKING.
make the choice, give yourself a chance and change the game!


wake up, fuel up and get going!
there is so much in life to achieve, to discover, to experience and enjoy!
go chase your dreams!
go achieve your goals!
go make this world a better place!
it all starts with YOU and your decision to do so.
By starting your day with movement, by making a strong choice daily, first thing in the morning, you're also strengthening your discipline. It shows that you can do it! That you should do it! that you MUST do it!!

Just as you plan for your nutrition, you need to plan for your movement.
Planning helps you use your discipline and create new habits.
Thinking ahead saves time when you are trying to fit everything into your schedule.
Make the best use of your time! ( often, it is not that we don't have enough time)

you get better everyday by just doing it!
It really is the answer to anything that you want to do: you have to just do it!
Teaching your body to move works the same way: you just have to do it over and over again until it becomes second nature to you.
you had to learn the things that got you to where you are not, and now you have to learn the things that will get you to where you want to go next.

start to use your body and you'll see how it responds. How it leaps to create new strength and understand new ways of moving and being.

Try this :work out first thing in the morning! and launch yourself into the day with energy!
use your discipline to give yourself those moments to start the day off right!

No matter how good you think you look, or how 'skinny' you are, you STILL need to TRAIN. Being a size 2 doesn't mean your body composition is LEAN. moving is not only about how you LOOK but how you FEEL!
Moving is imperative for all people who want to be strong and healthy, who want to live their years out in bodies that can support life instead of getting sick and weak.

Lets get movin' together!

nutrition and meal prepping ;)

eating well and incorporating movement is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, no matter who you are or where you are.
sometimes, there are certain situations that create an atmosphere that becomes the perfect storm of bad habits, poor nutrition and mindless eating.
It comes down to personal responsibility.
you can blame the environment of tempting food, or you can accept that you have the choice of what and how much to eat. To be conscious and aware of the food you put in your body. You can make better choices. So, plan for your hunger so that you can feed and nourish it instead of temporarily squelching it. You must take ownership of it ,take responsibility for it and then you must do it.


eating breakfast is essential because while we sleep, our bodies are in a state of rest, repair and recharge. when we rise and want to shine, we must give our bodies nutrients and energy again so that it can do all the things we ask of it.
eating breakfast helps you..
  • reach your daily nutritional requirements
  • maintain a healthy weight (people who skip breakfast tend to overeat at other meals)
  • build healthy habits that lay the foundation for other good nutritional habits because planning for a solid breakfast everyday requires discipline
plan your breakfast so you get the nutrition you need. If you are really busy/ stressed, it makes it even more important.


Pack your snacks/meals, or identify the places where you can pick up healthy options to avoid making bad decisions when you're hungry and giving yourself the fuel you need to actually feel good and stay focused.
Setting yourself up for success keeps you conscious of the choices in the moment so that you can be ready for those inevitable moments when all of your willpower must be summoned to keep you moving towards your goal.

always have a protein, grain and veggie
1.first cook the grain/s eg. quinoa or brown rice
2.when they are cooking, wash and cut the veggies and grill, sautee or steam them
3. then cook (grill or pan roast) the proteins eg chicken breast or salmon
4. portion everything into boxes

Some snack ideas... 


Before your meal: instead of grazing mindlessly of whatever food is convenient, you wait to satisfy your hunger and choose foods that you like and will give you the fuel you need
During: eat slowly and focus on the enjoyment of your meal
After: consider how the food you ate is making you feel. Alert? sluggish? energized? bloated? is it a feeling you want to have again? is it a food you want to eat again?
being mindful about your eating begins with planning and prep, continues through packing up meals and taking them with you, and extends all the way until the last bite that leaves you satisfied, not stuffed. Because all of that planning is there for one purpose-so that you can feed yourself well and easily whenever you get hungry and have the energy you need to fuel your life and movement.

love xoxo

Monday, October 20, 2014


DISCIPLINE is like your foundation for life. it is what supports you and provides stability and structure for everything that you do.

What is the secret of success?
The secret is... there is NO SECRET. There is no fairy godmother, no magic dust... (of course, there is God's FAVOR, where he will put you at the right place at the right time and meet the right people... but that doesn't mean no discipline or hard work is required! However, the 'hard work' wont feel so 'hard' because of the grace of our Lord Jesus!)
At the core of every successful person or those who achieved what they set goals for there is one common thing... DISCIPLINE!

MAKE yourself do what you NEED TO DO.. EVERYDAY, in order to create the life that God intended for you to live!
No one has ever accomplished without having some sort of self discipline, without knowing how to work for it. without learning how to earn it.
Discipline is having a strong awareness that your choices have impact and that your actions make a difference.

Harness your discipline to put into action all of the knowledge and awareness you've gained so that you can start making smarter choices about what you eat and how you move. (or any other area in your life!)

DISCIPLINE is not the strict taskmaster, it is the force that gives you purpose, focus, strength and determination so that you can accomplish whatever your heart desires--productive things, healthy things that make you feel energized and alive, the sense of power and happiness that comes from dedication .

Applying discipline to your health
  • consider your motivations-- what motivates you?
  • you already have discipline, it is something within you that you need to uncover.
  • if you can harness your energy and attach it to your health, and harness your discipline and attach it to those activities that support your heath, then taking care of your health will become a habit!
  • YOU are capable of that! you CAN do it!
  • your health is of paramount importance. your body is the vehicle in which you live your life! you need to be healthy to be a useful vessel of God, to accomplish your dreams, to love others, to make this world a better place, to enjoy this amazing, precious LIFE! YOU are worth the effort! YOU are worth the energy
You've got to do your best!
  • what is the standard that you hold yourself accountable to?
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the results, no one else is.
  • the power of discipline- cultivate self accountability!
  • get to know yourself well enough to know what you need to be successful at your goals
  • identify what needs to be done
  • set your intention
  • create a long term plan that uses short term action to reach your goals.
  • taking conscious action
  • follow through and be consistent!
  • do your best!
  • it isn't denying yourself but giving to youself!
  • discipline builds discipline! so build that muscle!

Wishing you the very best 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

changing habits

Habits are a big deal because they inform everything we do, including the ways we define ourselves.

Being healthy is not an accident, a stroke of luck or by magic. IT IS A HABIT. it is a habit that will shape our bodies that we were born with, a habit that will support the genetic makeup we got from our parents. So, if we want to give ourselves a fighting chance to survive and thrive despite our bad backs, asthma, eczema, dodgy knees, we must develop habits that keep our systems operating at maximum.

Charles Duhigg, in his book, The Power of Habit, says: habits are the way our brains perform familiar activities unconsciously, so we can save energy for other tasks.
when you consciously choose to do something repeatedly, it becomes a habit.

Habits are so natural to our brain that we don't even realize when we've lost control of the conscious decision making part of the equation. So, if you want to change the way you fee, you want to become healthier, you must unpack your habits. You must wake up to what you are doing now, and how it is affecting you. Part of building new habits is making better choices and part of making better choices is understanding the places we have stopped choosing, reassessing the passive decisions we've been making habitually and making new conscious choices that support our long term goals.

So, now you see, your habits are actually your moment-to-moment CHOICES. Evaluate the results of your daily choices. Don't worry, once you become aware of your ingrained choices, you have the power to change them!
YOU have to recognize what your habits are if you want to engage discipline to change them.
Before you blame your body, giving reasons like ' that is how my body is'
'ive always been bloated'
'I have a weak digestive system'
'I have a slow metabolism'
check your habits!!!
Some habits/ things we believe are totally harmless or even helpful, are the very things that are hurting us.

THE HABIT LOOP(neuronal system activated)

Examine some of your habits that are hindering you from your goals and see what you can rework them to your benefit.

therefore what you do on a moment-to-moment, daily basis is very important.
even what you think can become a habit, so choose wisely!
sometimes we are not aware of these habits. we don't even realize that we are making a choice and what the implications of that choice might be.

consciously create a new habit!
habits can also be unchosen, or shifted. So, you can create a modified version of your old habit that satisfies the same cravings.

The trick of escaping your harmful habits is to identify the ones that have emerged without your say-so and replace them with healthful habits that are intentional and will support your goals.

wishing you happy habits!
love xoxo

Bounce back plan ! ��

We all have days where we over-indulged, made poor choices or simply had fun throwing caution to the wind on a holiday/ festive season etc 
Some may have more serious problems like eating disorders or binge eating or drinking. 
The effects of poor dietary and lifestyle choices get to us. Bloating, feeling fat, weight gain, depression, being self-conscious, skin breakouts etc 
Don't worry though, we can bounce back in no time ! Every moment is a moment to start anew, every meal is an chance to make a healthy choice ! 
Remember, don't ever put yourself down or feel guilty or entertain negative thoughts ! You are beautiful so let's all love ourselves and our bodies !!! 

1. Mindset 
Snap out of the depressive, lethargic mindset NOW! Yes, now! You CHOOSE your thoughts so start choosing good and positive thoughts.

Instead of ' I feel so fat' 
' I have no self control' 
'Why do I always overeat?' 
' it's ok, today's a new day and I'm gonna make good healthy choices' 
' I am going to feel so much better after this workout ' 

God made your body beautiful so stop hating yourself, let it go and bounce back! Every function and cell of your body is a miracle, so be thankful and give it the care and the attention that it needs, rather than abusing it! 

2. Hydrate 
Lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, alcohol all cause the body to get dehydrated. 
So, drink up!!! 
Jazz up your waters with lemon/ fruit slices or mint leaves or herbal tea bags or cinnamon/honey or cucumber !!!

2. Workout 
Go break a sweat ! I promise you will feel SO MUCH BETTER! get moving! Go for a run, dance, walk your dog, go for a group exercise class, hot yoga, do some burpees.. Whatever it is, just get moving !! 
You could also try out some workout routines from tone it up, blogilates or Kayla itsines :) 

3. Eat fruits and veggies!! 
These high fiber, high water content friends will clear out your system and make you happier in a jiffy !!!! 
You could have fruits or fruit with yogurt for breakfast, a huge salad for lunch, grilled veggies and soup for dinner! 

4. Relax, rest and Destress! 
Sleep! Let your body recover from the stresses of poor lifestyle choices/habits. 
Have a night in, read, listen to music, take a nice bath, smell some essential oils and turn in early! Your body and skin will thank you! ♥️

I hope these tips have been useful! 
Love u all
Bye ! 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

break free!

Right believing always produces right living. if you are bound by toxic emotions, habits or addictions, check your beliefs!
its time to GET OUT of that eating disorder, toxic relationship, destructive habit or addiction, binding fear, anxiety and depression! Get rid of the baggage that holds you back and start living the life that Jesus meant for you to have!!
If you believe wrong, you will struggle with wrong thoughts, which produce unhealthy emotions that will lead to toxic feelings of guilt, fear and condemnation. those wrong feelings will ultimately produce wrong behaviours, actions and painful addictions.
what you believe is CRITICAL. Wrong believing is the trigger that starts you on a path of defeat, it is what keeps you trapped and drives you deeper and deeper into paralyzing captivity
God intended for you to live with joy overflowing, peace that surpasses understanding and an unshakeable confidence in what He has done for you. its time to let go of the life of defeat and step into a life full of victory, security and success. Don't merely deal with the symptoms-the guilt, fears and addictions, but go after the ROOT! change your beliefs and change your life!

1. HIS WORD will bring life and illumination, and lead you to freedom out of your prison.
- no matter what situation you are in or how insurmountable your challenges are, when you start believing right, things are going to start turning around for your good!

-the breakthroughs you have been fighting to have for years can happen in a supernatural instant

2.Check your emotions
negative, exhausting emotions are merely flags that indicate what we truly believe about ourselves, our lives and GOD. we are fearful, worried and anxious because we don't really believe that we have a strong and able shepherd who loves us so much and who only leads us to good places and protects us. so, if worrying or being fearful seems to be your natural default mode, you need to keep hearing and learning about how much GOD loves you and how precious you are to him ! The more strongly you believe this, the more it will change your thoughts and feelings and the less you will fall victim to unhealthy emotions and behaviours.

3.Wrong beliefs need to be exposed and demolished by His grace and the truth of God's word!
knowing the TRUTH sets you FREE!!!
-freedom can only be found in His grace. when you believe right in his grace and love for you, the shacklesof fear, guilt and addictions will fall off!

4.GRACE is the antidote for the poisoned mind
-poisoned mind---bondage, fear, guilt, anxiety, addictions, depression, destructive mindsets
-when you taste Jesus' love and savor His loving kindness and tender mercies, every wrong belief begins to dissolve in the glory of His love.=)
- allow God's love to invade your mind
when you allow God's love to saturate your mind, it doesn't matter what wrong believing, fears or addictios are keeping you bound. His grace will begin to break them down. That is what happens then you have an encounter with your loving savior. everyone who encounters jesus never leaves the same. he came to set the captives free!
-whatever you are oppressed with, JESUS came to SET YOU FREE!!!!
- a sickness, a physical condition, a financial problem, a lawsuit, an addiction, family or marriage troubles, fears, anxiety, depression, a wayward child... it doesn't matter what the problem is.... JESUS CAN SET YOU FREE IN A SUPERNATURAL INSTANT!!!!

5.with GOD there is always HOPE
No matter what you have been through, what mistakes you have made, how people have treated you, what you are struggling with, how dark, dire and desperate the situation is, there is hope! God can give you a new beginning, a fresh start and cause all things to work out for your good!

6.Jesus is reaching out to you with His love, grace and forgiveness.
Our God is a personal and loving God who knows what storms are ahead and how to lead you to victory every time.
Even if your trouble is due to your own willfulness, God is still with you, he has never left you and never will. He will never forsake you, you are precious in His eyes. He will NEVER abandon you and leave you in a lurch or give up on you!
so even if you find yourself in the valley of trouble, you will not remain there for long. you will walk through it and not remain or camp there. God is opening a door of hope in your life today for you to step out of your darkness and into His marvelous light!!
Things are going to get better.
The breakthroughs that you have been waiting for are coming your way.
step through the door of hope and out of your valley of trouble today!
Believe in His love for you and allow Him to lead you to freedom.

6. you don't have to 'sort' yourself out before coming to God.
don't think you have to clean up your life and overcome all your struggles on your own before coming to God.
God wants us to come to Him just as we are, with all our weaknesses, wrong beliefs, bondages, fears, addictions. in the presence of his love, joy and grace, you will find restoration, healing, forgiveness!
 he will mend your life and transform you from the inside out. right now he is extending his hand of grace, love and help to you.

he is not angry with you, he has already judged and punished all your sins on the cross!
you start to believe right when you start to believe in his love for you
everything can change for the better when you begin to believe right about His love for you and learn to draw upon it!

8. No matter what challenges , failures or misdeeds one might be dealing with, the love of Jesus remains a constant.
If you truly knew how freely you have been forgiven and how unconditionally you are loved, you cannot possibly live in sin, bondage, fear and depression anymore!
his love consumes all your anger, frustrations, disappointments and pain.
his forgiveness envelops all your sins, failures and mistakes
his grace gives you victory and power to overcome every sin, bondage and addiction.
when you fail/ sin, guilt, condemnation, fear, judgement, criticism is not helpful. in fact, it is destructive. what you need is to know, see, understand and comprehend how much GOD loves you!
jesus died to free the guilty from the torment, to heal those who are sick and to make forever righteous those who have been condemned. that's the gospel.

9.your love for god and living a holy life comes from understanding how much God loves you and your genuine relationship with Him.
fill your heart with psalms, hymns and songs that are full of God's grace and love.
when your heart is full of Jesus, wrong beliefs will be replaced by right beliefs
destructive addictions will be replaced by right habits.
fear, shame and guilt will begin to dissolve in the warmth of his perfect love for you.
his love is not an intellectual exercise, it needs to be experienced.