Friday, January 17, 2014

my morning routine!

how you start your day is very important, as it sets the tone for how the rest of the day goes!
i like to fill my mornings with gratitude, inspiration and energy! do you dread getting out of bed, or are you jumping out of bed in excitement and anticipation of what the new day is going to bring?
if you know you are fulfilling your purpose in life, you will be excited about getting out of bed every single morning. ;)

anyway, let me share how i spend my mornings to get ready for the day!
the moment i wake up, i make a conscious effort to fill my mind with grateful thoughts such as- i thank God I'm alive; thank God for such a beautiful day; today i am going to be a blessing to others... positive thoughts take practice too! slowly it will become a habit and instead of thinking, ahh what a drag i gotta get out of bed, i really wanna sleep, I'm so tired, i hate work etc, you will begin to think, wow what a privilege it is to be alive, so many things to do and discover and experience today! I'm so grateful to be breathing and living and loving and learning!

i like to start my day with a cup of hot water, lemon and honey. sometimes i will add apple cider vinegar, aloe juice or noni juice. this helps to detoxify and hydrate the body after a long night's sleep.
i feel so cleansed after drinking this concoction!

if I'm feeling like i need a burst of energy to kickstart my day, i might have a cup or 2 of green tea. i usually have the yogi brand green tea with blueberry flavor. it tastes SO amazing! if i have the time and patience, i make myself a nice, revitalizing green juice.

for breakfast, i usually have coconut and fruit such as grapes or pineapples. i like to have juicy fruits at breakfast as my body would usually be craving hydration. coconut juice is also extremely hydrating as it contains all the essential electrolytes!

inspirational reads set my day on the right note and gives me the right mindset to face the day. choose your thoughts wisely because they determine how your day is going to go! i like to read devotionals by joyce meyer, joseph prince and inspirational books by wayne deyer, louise hay, rhonda byne etc

working out gives a nice boost of endorphins to kickstart the day! it just fills your day with energy and you feel like you can do anything. i love running, yoga, pop pilates videos, body combat, body pump etc... ultimately, just find a workout that you really enjoy and is convenient and practical for you ;)  always have fun!!!!

i love dolling up and dressing up because i feel like I'm putting my best self forward! if you look good, you feel good and you will do good. its easy to be nice and productive when you are feeling confident, healthy and beautiful!

i hope this was helpful and maybe you could incorporate some of my tips into your mornings?
wishing you a beautiful day!

with all my love,
madeleine xoxo

Japanese diet tips

hi! today i wanna share with you some japanese diet tips that i have read in magazines like vivi, ray etc

1. respect mealtimes
do not walk and eat or work at the same time. engage all your senses in having a satisfying and beautiful meal.

2. harĂ¡ ha chi bu. eat till you are 80%full.
eat till your hunger is appeased and you are satisfied. eating till you are stuffed will increase stomach capacity and you will have to eat more and this leads to a vicious cycle.

3. portion control.
notice how all japanese foodstuffs all look so pretty and petite? value quality(taste, nutrition, variety, presentation) over quantity and truly enjoy your foods!

4.healthy asian foods and less western foods
fill your diet with nutritious foods like fish, green tea, seaweed, brown rice, fruit, vegetables, edamame, natto, tofu, miso soup, salad, kimchi, soups
avoid western foods like bread(gluten), pasta(gluten), dairy(milk, cheese, butter and meats/red meats.

5. exercise!
japanese people walk a lot! or they cycle around. you can try to incorporate more activity into your day by walking to your destination, climbing up the stairs, carrying groceries etc.
also try other forms of exercise and destressing like martial arts, meditation, yoga

6.Hot baths/saunas
this is a major component of the japanese lifestyle. Hot baths are good for detoxifying the body and also a time for pampering and destresing.
to be slim, one must be relaxed (stress-free) and detox-ed ( toxin-free)

sleep early, preferably before midnight, as skin cells regenerate from 11pm2 am. the body detoxifies and repairs itself during sleep so it is so imperative to get your snooze on!

8.increase your consumption of raw foods!
the japanese are famous for consuming raw foods like sashimi and raw eggs. these proteins are not denatured by heat and so are more beneficial to our bodies. it is also important to increase consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.

9.lymphatic facial massage
massaging your face can help with attaining the v-shaped look as the massage gets rids of toxins and aid circulation and blood flow accountable
keep a diet/calorie diary. snap pics of your food with your phone to keep track! there are apps on iPhone/andriod for this, so you may want to check them out. e.g.. cronometer, myfitnesspal

Thursday, May 9, 2013

count your blessings

today i was reminded to count my blessings and be grateful for what i have.
it is easy to get caught up in the cycle of wanting more and lose perspective.
it's an age-old adage but really, life is how you perceive things.
is your glass half full or half empty?
do you choose to look at your blessings or what you don't have?
why not focus on what is going right rather than what is going wrong?
now, I'm not trying to preach living in denial or advocate hippy-style living with nary a care in the world. I'm trying to say, perspective and attitude is really important in life. Having a clear, level minded head, a positive attitude and a grateful heart makes life amazing! 
go on dream big, reach for your goals, work hard but don't lose focus on what is really important in life and be thankful for all blessings, big or small.

don't be upset because you think you are not thin or pretty enough. you are beautiful and unique and besides you are healthy and your family and friends love you as you are. 
don't be upset you don't have designer bags or clothes. you are adequately clothed and fed; millions of others in the world don't have food or shelter.
don't be upset you have to work so hard or take crap from your boss. you have a job! you have the ability of making money, providing for yourself and contributing to society.
don't be upset you don't have your ideal man/mate. Love yourself first and I'm quite sure he will be on his way! God's timing is always perfect. you can be single and carefree in the meantime!

a heart of gratitude is the way out of any negative situation!

'in everything, give thanks.'

Friday, May 3, 2013

dream big, live big

Life is supposed to be celebrated! It is one big party of love, connection, happiness, fun, discovery, excitement and gratitude.
I used to take life for granted. Sometimes, i still slip into old thought patterns and habits of having pity parties and complete self absorption. What I fail to realize and appreciate, is the gift and preciousness that is life. The vulnerability and frailty that is life. Not everyone of us has the luxury of many tomorrows. Till when am I and are you gonna postpone living?
Life is here and now. Realize, in complete amazement and gratitude that it is an awesome privilege to be alive and to experience life. So... live. Don't just exist but live.
Connect to loved ones, share the love, smile, hug someone, enjoy a delicious meal, laugh, cry, sing, run, watch the sunset and feel what it is to be fully alive. Love fiercely, fearlessly; without reservations and regrets. Only one life, make it happen.
I am now excited for life! What's today gonna bring? What am i going to create this day? God has plenty of good in store for me! I am blessed to be a blessing. How can i bring a smile onto the faces of others, joy into their lives and inspire them to dream?
Be the change you want to see in the world. =)

sunny morning, good workout and happy endorphins

my drawing: you can't discover new seas unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

outfit of the day =)
more ootds coming!
really into fashion, dressing up and looking fab and pretty inside out! whee!

have a great day! xoxo
i love you all.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

operation clean up!

okay, so i had a fine dandy time enjoying every delectable treat/goodie during chinese new year and i think my body and mind are now suffering the ramifications of my semi food coma.

but, it's okay! I'm now determined to start OPERATION CLEAN UP!
which means cleaning up and detoxifying not only my diet, but every part of my life!

from this moment on, i am 100% COMMITED ( and join me, will you?) to my health, happiness, beauty and relationships!
I WILL LET NOTHING GET IN MY WAY! no circumstance, no excuse, no person, no thought, no feeling!

we have to take RESPONSIBILITY for every area of our lives; then we are EMPOWERED to take action and make changes.

i cannot simply sit back and wait for what i want to fall from the sky. it just does not happen that way. in life, we all got to work for what we want. it doesn't come by resting on our laurels.

i am going to fuel and nourish my body right for health, energy and vitality.
-including lots of fruits and veggies and lean proteins
-drinking water!
-portion control
-eating at regular intervals

i realized the key to a good diet is ADDING more good nutritious stuff like greens etc to what you eat rather than focusing on what you have to CUT OUT. once you get the good nutritious stuff in, you actually CROWD out the bad stuff!
it's not that difficult, you don't have to wrestle with cravings and forbidden foods! your body gets smart with good nutrition and you don't even want poor food choices anymore!!

nothing like a good run to get the heart pumping, the circulation going and the endorphins telling your brain 'I'm happy!'
-hot yoga/ sauna
sweat out the toxins!
-drink lots of purified water to flush out the toxins!!
-get a nice massage!

-i will not hold on to things which serve me no purpose!
-donate clothes/stuff to charity
-organize and clean up my house!

-some relationships in life are TOXIC. if a relationship is dulling your sparkle, weighing you down, or you know in your heart, just isn't right..then isn't it time to be TRUE to yourself and let it go?
I know i need to let some people in my life...go.

...and i will change my world.

don't worry at all about negative thoughts and don't try to control them. all you have to do is to begin to think more good thoughts each day. as you do, you will attract more and more good thoughts and eventually the good thoughts will wipe out the bad!
BE HAPPY NOW, and your day will be filled with a continuous stream of people, events and circumstances that will bring you happiness!

smiling at the samantha thavasa party 

doo licks my face!-my beauty elixir 

paper doll that i drew =)

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Happy Chinese New Year!

Wishing everyone a happy new year of the snake!
I had an amazing reunion dinner at my new house! Mum cooked our fave crispy seafood noodles and we had salmon Yu sheng for good luck and prosperity ;)
For dessert we had Haagen Daaz macadamia ice cream cake! Deliciousness! After dinner we all went for a stroll with my 3 doggies by the pool and then we watched movies on our new 80 inch tv!
I can't wait to wear my new clothes and dress up tomorrow! :)
Have a good new year everyone!
Love u all ♡

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

be beautiful, live beautiful and create beauty.

life is beautiful; if we want it to be.
have an idea of what your ideal life is.
then create it! it's that simple
of course, like all other things in life, it takes tremendous amount of effort and tenacity and sacrifices, but DONT GIVE UP! Because happiness is worth it and YOU deserve every bit of happiness in this whole universe.

don't tell yourself reasons why you can't have what you really desire; or give yourself excuses for not working on your dreams. instead, be CRYSTAL CLEAR on your intention and achieve results NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! steel determination, a strong will and unshakeable belief/faith will take you there.

happiness is a choice we make every single moment. choose to be happy. choose to feel happy. choose to do happy. spread happiness around; create an epidermic of joy in your circle/community. you can make a difference if you try.

make someone feel better, put a smile on their faces, alleviate their pain, give them a boost of sunshine in their dreary lives. .. let them know that love still exists. help them believe life is worth living, it is amazing and so very precious.

take time to connect with the people in your life. your family, your friends, colleagues, neighbors, people on the street, in the elevator etc.. they aren't in your life for no reason! go out of your way to love them, connect to the soul within. give them a hug! a big, genuine smile! give them your glow of happiness and positive energy. send them a little prayer, pay them a sweet compliment, love like its your last day on earth! the more you give, the more you will receive- the joy, the love, the abundance!

trust in God; he wants us to have our dream life! a life overflowing with love, joy and abundance!

love yourself! never ever compare yourself to others because there is only one YOU in the whole wide world!!

my drawing today-- choose happiness everyday!

hope this post brightened up your day.
i love all of you very much!
you all deserve love and happiness, so reach out and get yours today.
don't waste another day living in darkness and gloom ok?

love, madeleine xoxo
sending you all my love