Thursday, November 6, 2014


Yes, you! (and me!)

God created every person on this earth with a special purpose- and the world is waiting for you to share yours! Don't let excuses (too old, young, poor, lack of education etc) hold you back!

ANYONE and EVERYONE can make a difference for good. The ways are limitless.
Use your God-given gifts to make a difference that outlives your life!


Sometimes, we take for granted the fact that life is a GIFT!

wake up excited everyday!
make your life matter!
Live in such a way that the world will be glad you did.

Know: YOU ARE A MASTERPIECE! lovingly handcrafted and fashioned by GOD.

He put you together with a unique combination of personality, skills, talents, feelings and looks.
He made you one of a kind. He made you to make a difference!
He created us to know His love for us and love Him in return.
When we live out this purpose, then and only then can we live a life of meaning, a life that changes other lives, a life that is beyond ourselves.
It's a life partnered with God to change the world!
Eph 2:10
We are God's masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago. 

You can make a difference by SERVING others!
Live your calling.
Serve others. Serve GOD.
And when you serve GOD, its where the insecurities disappear, worries fade and questions die. For once, you know exactly who you are and why you were created.

There is no time like the present to get started. All over the world, people need food, friendship, clean water, acceptance, shelter and love. More than anything, the world needs to meet Jesus. And the best way for them to get to know him is through YOU and ME! Someone who shows Jesus' love to them. Share a meal, start a friendship, say a prayer!
Eph 6:7
Do your work with enthusiasm, work as if you were serving the Lord.


1.The first step on your great adventure to make a difference with God is to get into a real relationship with Him. Go deeper into your walk with Him. Talk to Him, confide in Him, trust Him!
2.You will then start to see yourself the way He sees you!
3.He will show you all the things He has equipped you to make a difference.
4.He will take you to the people who need exactly what you can give.

God will give us eyes to see what HE sees! So that our everyday, boring routines turn into an adventure!!- an opportunity to serve someone, love someone, listen to someone. An opportunity to make a difference! =)

Nutrition for healthy teeth!

Diet plays a very important role in the health of your teeth and gums!
Eat regular, well-balanced meals and try to include these foods in your diet !

1) High-fiber fruits and vegetables
 - High-fiber foods work like a detergent in the mouth, not only physically “scrubbing” the teeth, but also stimulating saliva flow by requiring longer chewing times. Saliva is the mouth’s first line of defense, because it neutralizes tooth-damaging acids, and contains calcium and phosphates that help rebuild minerals leached away by bacterial acids. Crunchy, juicy fruits and vegetables also have high water content that helps offset their sugar content. High-fiber foods are also a key foundation of an overall healthy diet, so they offer a double benefit.

2)    Water – When it comes to oral health, water is indispensable. It’s the primary component of saliva, and is important to both tooth and gum health. Water is valuable as the final rinsing agent for foods and sugary drinks, and, if fluoridated, works to prevent tooth decay by strengthening tooth enamel.

3)    Dairy products – Dairy products without added sugar help teeth in a number of ways. Cheese helps stimulate saliva, while its calcium helps replace minerals leached from the teeth. Other dairy products, such as milk, yogurt and similar products also provide calcium and phosphates; enriched milk also provides Vitamin D, which helps the body use calcium.

4)    Xylitol - Sugarless gums of any kind can help boost dental health, because they stimulate saliva production and can help “scrub” teeth. But those sweetened with xylitol – a type of sugar extracted from a variety of plants – can actually battle tooth decay, because xylitol works against mutans streptococci, the bacteria that causes tooth decay. Xylitol is available as a general sweetener at health stores.

5)  Green and black teas contain compounds called polyphenols that interact with the bacteria that causes plaque. These polyphenols either kill or suppress bacteria, preventing them from growing or producing tooth-attacking acid. 

6) Nuts- Many nuts provide vitamins and minerals that help your teeth. These include peanuts (calcium and vitamin D), almonds (high levels of calcium that helps both teeth and gums), cashews (stimulates saliva and helps clean teeth) and walnuts (fiber, folic acid, iron, thiamine, magnesium, iron, niacin, vitamin E, vitamin B6, potassium and zinc).

7) Minerals – Foods that provide vitamins A, C and D as well as calcium and phosphorus, are especially good for the teeth. These foods can be part of an overall healthy diet, as well. These include beef, eggs, fish, potatoes, spinach, fortified cereals, tofu, leafy green vegetables, beans, whole grains and poultry.

 And...Avoid these foods for healthy teeth!

1)  Carbonated beverages & other drinks -
 Soft drinks are a perennial target of nutrition police, because they add so much sugar to the national diet. The sugar content – as much as a king-sized candy bar - is bad for both body and teeth. But teeth aren’t safe even for those who stick to diet drinks! Like their sugar-loaded versions, artificially sweetened soft drinks contain tooth-eroding acids, such as phosphoric and citric. Even canned iced teas, which normally might be good for teeth, contain flavor-enhancing organic acids that can erode tooth enamel.
Even so-called health drinks are brimming with danger for your teeth. Sports drinks are notoriously acidic and full of sugar. And vitamin waters can contain as much sugar as a candy bar. Chewable vitamins – from multivitamins to large chewable vitamin C tablets – are especially bad, because they contain a concentrated acid that tends to cling to and between teeth. 

2)  Mouth-drying consumables –Alcohol and medications. One must to take extra care to keep the mouth hydrated, from deliberately washing with water or fluoridated rinses, to mouth hydration solutions.

3)Long-lasting and sticky sweets - It’s not news that caramels and other gooey, sugary sweets are bad for teeth. It’s not just the sugar, though; it’s how long the teeth are exposed to sugar. So while those caramels stick and cling tenaciously to tooth surfaces and crevices, hard candies and lollipops are also very bad; they’re designed for a long, leisurely suck. This principle applies to any sweets, from candy to sweet drinks –sugar should stay in the mouth as briefly as possible.

4)  Dried fruits – While fresh grapes and plums are considered “good” foods, if they are dried, they go from hero to villain. Although often touted as healthy snacks, dried fruits like raisins, prunes and apricots, are similar to caramels. Already sweet when fresh, their sugars are highly concentrated as the water is dried away, and their gummy texture can cling to teeth as much as gooey candy. And worse, the fruit is packed with non-soluble cellulose fiber, which can bind and trap sugars on and around the tooth, making it worse than candy.

5)    Starchy foods - Many starchy foods, including white bread, potato chips and French fries and al dente pasta, can easily become lodged between teeth and in crevices. While they may not necessarily taste sweet, the starches can begin converting to sugar almost immediately, not only by the bacteria, but also by the pre-digestive process that begins in the mouth through the enzymes in saliva.

6)    High-acid foods and drinks - Citrus fruits and drinks contain powerful citric acid – in fact, such juice is often used as a cleaning agent. While oranges, lemons and grapefruit can be a healthy part of the diet, they should be consumed quickly, preferably as part of a meal, and the teeth should be rinsed afterward. Sucking on citrus fruits should be avoided; this especially applies to the "home remedy" practice sucking lemon wedges for tooth-whitening.

Additional tips! Some tooth-healthy dos and don’ts
1)    Crunching ice and popcorn – Teeth are tough and made to last a lifetime eating a normal diet, but they do have a breaking point. Ice is tough – tough enough that glaciers carve mountains and an iceberg could peel open the Titanic. Chewing ice is a common habit; but even if this doesn’t cause a major break, it can lead to a network of tiny cracks that can develop serious problems as time goes on. Popcorn has its own dental danger, from husks that can easily become wedged between teeth to uncooked kernels that can damage teeth.
2)    Use a straw/don’t swish – The impact of sweet and/or acidic drinks can be cushioned by getting into the habit of drinking through a straw aimed toward the back of the mouth. Swishing a drink through the teeth, however, intensifies the effect of both sugars and acids.
3)    Use water as a mouthwash – Water makes the perfect rinse to clear sugars and acids after eating or drinking.
4)    Be careful brushing - Brushing is recommended after every meal. However there’s an exception; if one has just eaten or drunk an acidic food or beverage, they should rinse with plain water to clear the mouth, and then wait at least a half-hour before brushing. After the acid bath, tooth enamel is more vulnerable to damage. Waiting a while gives saliva a chance to remineralize the teeth so the brushing doesn’t worsen damage.

Friday, October 24, 2014


wake up.
love yourself.
care for yourself.
your body is the most precious thing that you possess.
every single day of your life, you CHOOSE to be conscious or unconscious.
CHOOSE to be awake or live in dreamland.
Please don't sleepwalk through life anymore!

The goal here is forever.
There is no quick fix. It is about longevity.
The ultimate goal is a long, strong, happy and healthy life.
A sharper and clearer mind.
A body that can power the action your mind dreams up for you
A confidence that comes from knowing and caring for yourself.
The rewards are continuous and evolving; the work is daily.
It is about using your discipline to make consistent choices that support your progress towards your goals.

Now, don't just think about it.
You cant just nod along in agreement.
You have to take REAL ACTION.
Every time you make a better choice, you are strengthening your discipline and changing your habits.
These little shifts in awareness will set you up to create more and more healthy habits that will sustain you over a lifetime.


Good health starts with awareness and relies on personal responsibility.
It is translating INTENTION into ACTION.
Get the knowledge and education you need.
Take TIME, commitment and discipline to change your habits.
Be KIND to yourself.

Part of taking responsibility for your health is being kind, loving and supportive to yourself.
Part of being disciplined is encouraging yourself to get up and keep going.
There's a balance to achieve.
You need to keep yourself accountable without beating yourself up if things aren't exactly right all the time.

take steps to connect your body and your mind so that you can develop an awareness of how your actions make you feel, and consistently strive towards those actions that truly make you feel good inside and out. make those actions a habit. build and reinforce your own work ethic for your own health each day. 

Not someone else's but YOUR PERSONAL BEST.
That is how you rise up against any challenge.

wishing you the very best

Thursday, October 23, 2014

finding your inner athlete

you are an athlete. yes, you.
being an athlete is about discovering the joy of moving your body and pushing its limits, the triumphs of discovering that you are stronger than you thought and the triumphant sensation that comes not from winning but WORKING.
make the choice, give yourself a chance and change the game!


wake up, fuel up and get going!
there is so much in life to achieve, to discover, to experience and enjoy!
go chase your dreams!
go achieve your goals!
go make this world a better place!
it all starts with YOU and your decision to do so.
By starting your day with movement, by making a strong choice daily, first thing in the morning, you're also strengthening your discipline. It shows that you can do it! That you should do it! that you MUST do it!!

Just as you plan for your nutrition, you need to plan for your movement.
Planning helps you use your discipline and create new habits.
Thinking ahead saves time when you are trying to fit everything into your schedule.
Make the best use of your time! ( often, it is not that we don't have enough time)

you get better everyday by just doing it!
It really is the answer to anything that you want to do: you have to just do it!
Teaching your body to move works the same way: you just have to do it over and over again until it becomes second nature to you.
you had to learn the things that got you to where you are not, and now you have to learn the things that will get you to where you want to go next.

start to use your body and you'll see how it responds. How it leaps to create new strength and understand new ways of moving and being.

Try this :work out first thing in the morning! and launch yourself into the day with energy!
use your discipline to give yourself those moments to start the day off right!

No matter how good you think you look, or how 'skinny' you are, you STILL need to TRAIN. Being a size 2 doesn't mean your body composition is LEAN. moving is not only about how you LOOK but how you FEEL!
Moving is imperative for all people who want to be strong and healthy, who want to live their years out in bodies that can support life instead of getting sick and weak.

Lets get movin' together!

nutrition and meal prepping ;)

eating well and incorporating movement is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, no matter who you are or where you are.
sometimes, there are certain situations that create an atmosphere that becomes the perfect storm of bad habits, poor nutrition and mindless eating.
It comes down to personal responsibility.
you can blame the environment of tempting food, or you can accept that you have the choice of what and how much to eat. To be conscious and aware of the food you put in your body. You can make better choices. So, plan for your hunger so that you can feed and nourish it instead of temporarily squelching it. You must take ownership of it ,take responsibility for it and then you must do it.


eating breakfast is essential because while we sleep, our bodies are in a state of rest, repair and recharge. when we rise and want to shine, we must give our bodies nutrients and energy again so that it can do all the things we ask of it.
eating breakfast helps you..
  • reach your daily nutritional requirements
  • maintain a healthy weight (people who skip breakfast tend to overeat at other meals)
  • build healthy habits that lay the foundation for other good nutritional habits because planning for a solid breakfast everyday requires discipline
plan your breakfast so you get the nutrition you need. If you are really busy/ stressed, it makes it even more important.


Pack your snacks/meals, or identify the places where you can pick up healthy options to avoid making bad decisions when you're hungry and giving yourself the fuel you need to actually feel good and stay focused.
Setting yourself up for success keeps you conscious of the choices in the moment so that you can be ready for those inevitable moments when all of your willpower must be summoned to keep you moving towards your goal.

always have a protein, grain and veggie
1.first cook the grain/s eg. quinoa or brown rice
2.when they are cooking, wash and cut the veggies and grill, sautee or steam them
3. then cook (grill or pan roast) the proteins eg chicken breast or salmon
4. portion everything into boxes

Some snack ideas... 


Before your meal: instead of grazing mindlessly of whatever food is convenient, you wait to satisfy your hunger and choose foods that you like and will give you the fuel you need
During: eat slowly and focus on the enjoyment of your meal
After: consider how the food you ate is making you feel. Alert? sluggish? energized? bloated? is it a feeling you want to have again? is it a food you want to eat again?
being mindful about your eating begins with planning and prep, continues through packing up meals and taking them with you, and extends all the way until the last bite that leaves you satisfied, not stuffed. Because all of that planning is there for one purpose-so that you can feed yourself well and easily whenever you get hungry and have the energy you need to fuel your life and movement.

love xoxo

Monday, October 20, 2014


DISCIPLINE is like your foundation for life. it is what supports you and provides stability and structure for everything that you do.

What is the secret of success?
The secret is... there is NO SECRET. There is no fairy godmother, no magic dust... (of course, there is God's FAVOR, where he will put you at the right place at the right time and meet the right people... but that doesn't mean no discipline or hard work is required! However, the 'hard work' wont feel so 'hard' because of the grace of our Lord Jesus!)
At the core of every successful person or those who achieved what they set goals for there is one common thing... DISCIPLINE!

MAKE yourself do what you NEED TO DO.. EVERYDAY, in order to create the life that God intended for you to live!
No one has ever accomplished without having some sort of self discipline, without knowing how to work for it. without learning how to earn it.
Discipline is having a strong awareness that your choices have impact and that your actions make a difference.

Harness your discipline to put into action all of the knowledge and awareness you've gained so that you can start making smarter choices about what you eat and how you move. (or any other area in your life!)

DISCIPLINE is not the strict taskmaster, it is the force that gives you purpose, focus, strength and determination so that you can accomplish whatever your heart desires--productive things, healthy things that make you feel energized and alive, the sense of power and happiness that comes from dedication .

Applying discipline to your health
  • consider your motivations-- what motivates you?
  • you already have discipline, it is something within you that you need to uncover.
  • if you can harness your energy and attach it to your health, and harness your discipline and attach it to those activities that support your heath, then taking care of your health will become a habit!
  • YOU are capable of that! you CAN do it!
  • your health is of paramount importance. your body is the vehicle in which you live your life! you need to be healthy to be a useful vessel of God, to accomplish your dreams, to love others, to make this world a better place, to enjoy this amazing, precious LIFE! YOU are worth the effort! YOU are worth the energy
You've got to do your best!
  • what is the standard that you hold yourself accountable to?
  • YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE for the results, no one else is.
  • the power of discipline- cultivate self accountability!
  • get to know yourself well enough to know what you need to be successful at your goals
  • identify what needs to be done
  • set your intention
  • create a long term plan that uses short term action to reach your goals.
  • taking conscious action
  • follow through and be consistent!
  • do your best!
  • it isn't denying yourself but giving to youself!
  • discipline builds discipline! so build that muscle!

Wishing you the very best 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

changing habits

Habits are a big deal because they inform everything we do, including the ways we define ourselves.

Being healthy is not an accident, a stroke of luck or by magic. IT IS A HABIT. it is a habit that will shape our bodies that we were born with, a habit that will support the genetic makeup we got from our parents. So, if we want to give ourselves a fighting chance to survive and thrive despite our bad backs, asthma, eczema, dodgy knees, we must develop habits that keep our systems operating at maximum.

Charles Duhigg, in his book, The Power of Habit, says: habits are the way our brains perform familiar activities unconsciously, so we can save energy for other tasks.
when you consciously choose to do something repeatedly, it becomes a habit.

Habits are so natural to our brain that we don't even realize when we've lost control of the conscious decision making part of the equation. So, if you want to change the way you fee, you want to become healthier, you must unpack your habits. You must wake up to what you are doing now, and how it is affecting you. Part of building new habits is making better choices and part of making better choices is understanding the places we have stopped choosing, reassessing the passive decisions we've been making habitually and making new conscious choices that support our long term goals.

So, now you see, your habits are actually your moment-to-moment CHOICES. Evaluate the results of your daily choices. Don't worry, once you become aware of your ingrained choices, you have the power to change them!
YOU have to recognize what your habits are if you want to engage discipline to change them.
Before you blame your body, giving reasons like ' that is how my body is'
'ive always been bloated'
'I have a weak digestive system'
'I have a slow metabolism'
check your habits!!!
Some habits/ things we believe are totally harmless or even helpful, are the very things that are hurting us.

THE HABIT LOOP(neuronal system activated)

Examine some of your habits that are hindering you from your goals and see what you can rework them to your benefit.

therefore what you do on a moment-to-moment, daily basis is very important.
even what you think can become a habit, so choose wisely!
sometimes we are not aware of these habits. we don't even realize that we are making a choice and what the implications of that choice might be.

consciously create a new habit!
habits can also be unchosen, or shifted. So, you can create a modified version of your old habit that satisfies the same cravings.

The trick of escaping your harmful habits is to identify the ones that have emerged without your say-so and replace them with healthful habits that are intentional and will support your goals.

wishing you happy habits!
love xoxo