Monday, March 20, 2017

Determine Your Dental Destiny

Dental health( and health in general) is determined by what we are willing to do for ourselves. It is our responsibility as individuals.

Daily food and lifestyle choices we make have a direct effect on the health of our teeth.

SUGAR- when people eat too many processed foods, especially sugar and flour products, they wreck havoc on the body. Insulin levels spike, cortisol levels increase and the flow of the parotid gland hormone changes, resulting in cavities. Eating too much processed sugar and flour products upset the entire hormone system, setting you up for tooth decay and gum disease and makes your entire body overly acidic- an environment which allows harmful bacteria and fungi to thrive. Eating too much sugar ( even in the form of hybridised fruit) causes the body to bring heavy minerals from the bones to the blood to buffer the hybrid sugar.

Each one of us possesses the genetic potential to be healthy. 
In order to restore this potential, we must return to obeying nature's law for health( fundamental laws of life and health)
Search for the real cause, instead of succumbing to the easy and passive response of allowing others to fix the problem for you. The answers are within you. =)
Establish and implement your own healthy diet by restoring the delicate balance of your body.
Understand the causes and therefore be empowered to make better choices for yourself, instead of listening to external voices. This is the law of personal responsibility.

TOOTH DECAY is the result of physical degeneration.
We are not consuming enough nutrients to build new tooth enamel and the old enamel wears away, and the body may transform the calcium and phosphorus elements within the tooth into nutrients that are taken to more important parts of the body/brain/heart. Our teeth decay(degenerate) when we don't have enough go the body building factors, especially compounds called 'fat-soluble activators'
Nutrients that promote oral health include calcium, phosphorus, iron, B vitamins, Vit D(for calcium absorption) and fat soluble vitamins and activators (A,D,E,K )
Fat soluble vitamins -Essential for our physical health and activate substances that help our bodies to utilise other minerals (eg. calcium and phosphorus) present in our diets.
These vitamins can be found in dairy products from grass-fed animals, fish and shellfish. Vegan sources of fat soluble vitamins include:
Vitamin A- carrot, pumpkin, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes
Vitamin D- sunlight, fatty fish, eggs, mushrooms (D2-ergocalciferol-vegan ; D3-non vegan)
Vitamins K- leafy green vegetables, soy, olive oil.
In japanese natto, there is menaquinone (vitamin K2)
Gentle cooking of these foods improves absorption and also fat/oil helps in the absorption of these vitamins.
Nutritional adjuncts to the fat-soluble vitamins-
-Vit A, D, K2 interact synergistically to support immune health, provide for adequate growth, support strong bones and teeth and protect soft tissues from calcification
-Magnesium is required for the production of all proteins, including those that interact with vitamins A and D
-Many of the proteins involved in Vit A metabolism and the receptors for both vitamin A and D only function correctly in the presence of zinc.
-Dietary fat is necessary for the absorption of fat soluble vitamins.
-Fat soluble vitamins interact with each other and other nutrients synergistically (eg. Mg and Zn), dietary fat and other metabolic factors like carbon dioxide and thyroid hormone.
The action of fat soluble activators in the body is one factor that determines the harmony and balance of our hormones. 

Body chemistry is the end result of the functions of our glandular system- hormones which control important activities within our bodies.
Our Body chemistry is influenced by Genetics and environment 
Healthy body chemistry= healthy teeth. (25% Imbalance of body chemistry to cause teeth to decay)
Biochemical cause of tooth decay and gum disease is the ratio of calcium: phosphorus in the blood.
2.5(Ca):1(Ph)-when the amounts of calcium or phosphorus deviate form these levels, minerals are withdrawn from the dentine and bone, resulting in tooth decay. It takes a continued low level of phosphorus, over a period of several months, to deplete the dentine of its mineral structure.
Usually, the cause of unhealthy body chemistry is a lifetime of assaulting the body with toxic food and drinks, use of drugs, vaccinations, birth control pills, environmental pollutants and emotional stress. Lack of nutrition is the cause of physical degeneration- modern food and lifestyle is the primary cause of disease. These factors cause our body chemistry; the functioning of our glands to fall out of balance (hormonal imbalance) and this places us in a state where we are susceptible to disease.
One primary factor determining the prevalence of tooth decay/disease/acne is the amount of modern processed foods one eats, instead of heredity, as we are taught to believe in our modern culture. Modern diet or foods of the 'white man' has caused loss of ideal beauty and health. It should be a matter of deep alarm that human beings can degenerate physically so rapidly by the use of a certain type of nutrition, particularly the dietary products used so generally by modern civilisation. There is a nutritional basis for modern physical, mental and moral degeneration.
Each individual differs from another in endocrine pattern and nutritional needs and that in nutrition, we have the means to bring about or prevent breakdown within the body.( diet provides us with the means to balance the body) 

It is important to note that each person requires an individualised protocol in order to achieve balance. This is because everyone possesses unique glandular strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, only you can pave your way towards health. You must look and listen for your body's cues on how to obtain balance. You need to determine what your body does or doesn't want.

Blood sugar fluctuations lead to tooth decay. Sugar consumption causes calcium ratios in the blood to become unbalanced. Calcium: Phosphorus ratio is then altered. If this change is prolonged and consistent then this will lead to a more permanent change in body condition, leading to tooth decay and gum disease.
Frequent meals containing vegetable, protein and fat are a benefit in controlling blood sugar fluctuations.
One of the most crucial factors in achieving glandular balance is to avoid sweet foods.

I hope this was useful in shedding light on how we can control our state of dental health in a more holistic way. Lets eat well, love and care for our bodies and health as best as we can!

Sending you lots of love and light,
Madeleine xx

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