Thursday, October 23, 2014

nutrition and meal prepping ;)

eating well and incorporating movement is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY, no matter who you are or where you are.
sometimes, there are certain situations that create an atmosphere that becomes the perfect storm of bad habits, poor nutrition and mindless eating.
It comes down to personal responsibility.
you can blame the environment of tempting food, or you can accept that you have the choice of what and how much to eat. To be conscious and aware of the food you put in your body. You can make better choices. So, plan for your hunger so that you can feed and nourish it instead of temporarily squelching it. You must take ownership of it ,take responsibility for it and then you must do it.


eating breakfast is essential because while we sleep, our bodies are in a state of rest, repair and recharge. when we rise and want to shine, we must give our bodies nutrients and energy again so that it can do all the things we ask of it.
eating breakfast helps you..
  • reach your daily nutritional requirements
  • maintain a healthy weight (people who skip breakfast tend to overeat at other meals)
  • build healthy habits that lay the foundation for other good nutritional habits because planning for a solid breakfast everyday requires discipline
plan your breakfast so you get the nutrition you need. If you are really busy/ stressed, it makes it even more important.


Pack your snacks/meals, or identify the places where you can pick up healthy options to avoid making bad decisions when you're hungry and giving yourself the fuel you need to actually feel good and stay focused.
Setting yourself up for success keeps you conscious of the choices in the moment so that you can be ready for those inevitable moments when all of your willpower must be summoned to keep you moving towards your goal.

always have a protein, grain and veggie
1.first cook the grain/s eg. quinoa or brown rice
2.when they are cooking, wash and cut the veggies and grill, sautee or steam them
3. then cook (grill or pan roast) the proteins eg chicken breast or salmon
4. portion everything into boxes

Some snack ideas... 


Before your meal: instead of grazing mindlessly of whatever food is convenient, you wait to satisfy your hunger and choose foods that you like and will give you the fuel you need
During: eat slowly and focus on the enjoyment of your meal
After: consider how the food you ate is making you feel. Alert? sluggish? energized? bloated? is it a feeling you want to have again? is it a food you want to eat again?
being mindful about your eating begins with planning and prep, continues through packing up meals and taking them with you, and extends all the way until the last bite that leaves you satisfied, not stuffed. Because all of that planning is there for one purpose-so that you can feed yourself well and easily whenever you get hungry and have the energy you need to fuel your life and movement.

love xoxo

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