Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bounce back plan ! 💕

We all have days where we over-indulged, made poor choices or simply had fun throwing caution to the wind on a holiday/ festive season etc 
Some may have more serious problems like eating disorders or binge eating or drinking. 
The effects of poor dietary and lifestyle choices get to us. Bloating, feeling fat, weight gain, depression, being self-conscious, skin breakouts etc 
Don't worry though, we can bounce back in no time ! Every moment is a moment to start anew, every meal is an chance to make a healthy choice ! 
Remember, don't ever put yourself down or feel guilty or entertain negative thoughts ! You are beautiful so let's all love ourselves and our bodies !!! 

1. Mindset 
Snap out of the depressive, lethargic mindset NOW! Yes, now! You CHOOSE your thoughts so start choosing good and positive thoughts.

Instead of ' I feel so fat' 
' I have no self control' 
'Why do I always overeat?' 
' it's ok, today's a new day and I'm gonna make good healthy choices' 
' I am going to feel so much better after this workout ' 

God made your body beautiful so stop hating yourself, let it go and bounce back! Every function and cell of your body is a miracle, so be thankful and give it the care and the attention that it needs, rather than abusing it! 

2. Hydrate 
Lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, alcohol all cause the body to get dehydrated. 
So, drink up!!! 
Jazz up your waters with lemon/ fruit slices or mint leaves or herbal tea bags or cinnamon/honey or cucumber !!!

2. Workout 
Go break a sweat ! I promise you will feel SO MUCH BETTER! get moving! Go for a run, dance, walk your dog, go for a group exercise class, hot yoga, do some burpees.. Whatever it is, just get moving !! 
You could also try out some workout routines from tone it up, blogilates or Kayla itsines :) 

3. Eat fruits and veggies!! 
These high fiber, high water content friends will clear out your system and make you happier in a jiffy !!!! 
You could have fruits or fruit with yogurt for breakfast, a huge salad for lunch, grilled veggies and soup for dinner! 

4. Relax, rest and Destress! 
Sleep! Let your body recover from the stresses of poor lifestyle choices/habits. 
Have a night in, read, listen to music, take a nice bath, smell some essential oils and turn in early! Your body and skin will thank you! ♥️

I hope these tips have been useful! 
Love u all
Bye ! 

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