Wednesday, September 17, 2014

do what you can, with what you have now =)

many of us fall into this 'ideal plan' mindset, and that's when we let perfect become the enemy of good.
in many areas of our life, we give excuses/ reasons as to why we can't accomplish something.
what we need to change is not the situation, but actually our mindset.
take for example, a healthy lifestyle.
some people don't work out because they say they have 'no time', 'no money to join a gym', 'too tired' etc.... yes these are all legitimate reasons but instead of giving up and resigning to fate, settling and letting things be, what can you do NOW, within your capability to CHANGE or better your situation?
you could walk to your destination, take the stairs, carry your groceries... to increase your physical activity. you can be productive and effective at the same time! I understand not all people would have the luxury of time and money to join exercise classes in the gym, but when you don't give your power away to people or circumstances, you can make ANYTHING work for you! start small and slowly work your way up from there. you may not be able to run a marathon now, but you can jog a mile. you have to take the first step!
remember not to compare yourself to others who are at different points in their journey. they have a different race to run! keep your eyes focused on your own lane. work at bettering yourself, improving your life and do all things with joy and love!

about eating healthy or 'clean diets'... this is close to my heart as I have spent a good amount of time and frustration agonizing over what the perfect diet is. I even suffered from an eating disorder in attempt to 'lose weight'. It is easy nowadays to suffer from envy and a poor self image with the propagation of social media. Pictures of girls with enviable figures, fit, toned, with nary an ounce of fat on instagram; bloggers promoting a certain way of eating/ diet; glossy pages of magazines filled ' with ideas of how 'beautiful' , 'popular', 'accepted' should be. To be cool I would have to eat kale and sip on colorful smoothies and do yoga and have a physique not unlike Miranda Kerr's.

The point is, somewhere along the line, we have forgotten that the bottomline for a healthy diet is a healthy body! it is not a game of restriction or deprivation or about how 'good' you are. Ultimately, food is just fuel and you want to give your body a nice, balanced dose of nutrients so that it can function well ! seriously... its not so complicated. it doesn't mean you can NEVER eat chocolate or ice cream or meat again. It is all about moderation and control. You control your food choices, you don't let food control you. And life is not about food or diet, it is something that enables you to live your life! So, go live it! don't wait till you eat perfectly, go on the perfect diet( eg. paleo/ vegan/ 801010), attain your perfect weight before you start living. HELLO! Life is here and now! seize it before it passes you by. what can you do differently NOW to eat healthier? you don't have to go full out organic and spend all your savings on superfoods and spirulina and exotic berries. you can just start by including that fruit at breakfast and that salad at lunch. drink more water. swap that sugary soda for green tea. use less dressing/ gravy/ sauce. replace that chocolate candy bar with a protein bar. small changes and small wins set you up for major life changes! it is all about being consistent and putting in your best effort! =)

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