Friday, January 17, 2014

my morning routine!

how you start your day is very important, as it sets the tone for how the rest of the day goes!
i like to fill my mornings with gratitude, inspiration and energy! do you dread getting out of bed, or are you jumping out of bed in excitement and anticipation of what the new day is going to bring?
if you know you are fulfilling your purpose in life, you will be excited about getting out of bed every single morning. ;)

anyway, let me share how i spend my mornings to get ready for the day!
the moment i wake up, i make a conscious effort to fill my mind with grateful thoughts such as- i thank God I'm alive; thank God for such a beautiful day; today i am going to be a blessing to others... positive thoughts take practice too! slowly it will become a habit and instead of thinking, ahh what a drag i gotta get out of bed, i really wanna sleep, I'm so tired, i hate work etc, you will begin to think, wow what a privilege it is to be alive, so many things to do and discover and experience today! I'm so grateful to be breathing and living and loving and learning!

i like to start my day with a cup of hot water, lemon and honey. sometimes i will add apple cider vinegar, aloe juice or noni juice. this helps to detoxify and hydrate the body after a long night's sleep.
i feel so cleansed after drinking this concoction!

if I'm feeling like i need a burst of energy to kickstart my day, i might have a cup or 2 of green tea. i usually have the yogi brand green tea with blueberry flavor. it tastes SO amazing! if i have the time and patience, i make myself a nice, revitalizing green juice.

for breakfast, i usually have coconut and fruit such as grapes or pineapples. i like to have juicy fruits at breakfast as my body would usually be craving hydration. coconut juice is also extremely hydrating as it contains all the essential electrolytes!

inspirational reads set my day on the right note and gives me the right mindset to face the day. choose your thoughts wisely because they determine how your day is going to go! i like to read devotionals by joyce meyer, joseph prince and inspirational books by wayne deyer, louise hay, rhonda byne etc

working out gives a nice boost of endorphins to kickstart the day! it just fills your day with energy and you feel like you can do anything. i love running, yoga, pop pilates videos, body combat, body pump etc... ultimately, just find a workout that you really enjoy and is convenient and practical for you ;)  always have fun!!!!

i love dolling up and dressing up because i feel like I'm putting my best self forward! if you look good, you feel good and you will do good. its easy to be nice and productive when you are feeling confident, healthy and beautiful!

i hope this was helpful and maybe you could incorporate some of my tips into your mornings?
wishing you a beautiful day!

with all my love,
madeleine xoxo

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