Friday, January 17, 2014

Japanese diet tips

hi! today i wanna share with you some japanese diet tips that i have read in magazines like vivi, ray etc

1. respect mealtimes
do not walk and eat or work at the same time. engage all your senses in having a satisfying and beautiful meal.

2. harĂ¡ ha chi bu. eat till you are 80%full.
eat till your hunger is appeased and you are satisfied. eating till you are stuffed will increase stomach capacity and you will have to eat more and this leads to a vicious cycle.

3. portion control.
notice how all japanese foodstuffs all look so pretty and petite? value quality(taste, nutrition, variety, presentation) over quantity and truly enjoy your foods!

4.healthy asian foods and less western foods
fill your diet with nutritious foods like fish, green tea, seaweed, brown rice, fruit, vegetables, edamame, natto, tofu, miso soup, salad, kimchi, soups
avoid western foods like bread(gluten), pasta(gluten), dairy(milk, cheese, butter and meats/red meats.

5. exercise!
japanese people walk a lot! or they cycle around. you can try to incorporate more activity into your day by walking to your destination, climbing up the stairs, carrying groceries etc.
also try other forms of exercise and destressing like martial arts, meditation, yoga

6.Hot baths/saunas
this is a major component of the japanese lifestyle. Hot baths are good for detoxifying the body and also a time for pampering and destresing.
to be slim, one must be relaxed (stress-free) and detox-ed ( toxin-free)

sleep early, preferably before midnight, as skin cells regenerate from 11pm2 am. the body detoxifies and repairs itself during sleep so it is so imperative to get your snooze on!

8.increase your consumption of raw foods!
the japanese are famous for consuming raw foods like sashimi and raw eggs. these proteins are not denatured by heat and so are more beneficial to our bodies. it is also important to increase consumption of raw fruits and vegetables.

9.lymphatic facial massage
massaging your face can help with attaining the v-shaped look as the massage gets rids of toxins and aid circulation and blood flow accountable
keep a diet/calorie diary. snap pics of your food with your phone to keep track! there are apps on iPhone/andriod for this, so you may want to check them out. e.g.. cronometer, myfitnesspal

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