Friday, May 3, 2013

dream big, live big

Life is supposed to be celebrated! It is one big party of love, connection, happiness, fun, discovery, excitement and gratitude.
I used to take life for granted. Sometimes, i still slip into old thought patterns and habits of having pity parties and complete self absorption. What I fail to realize and appreciate, is the gift and preciousness that is life. The vulnerability and frailty that is life. Not everyone of us has the luxury of many tomorrows. Till when am I and are you gonna postpone living?
Life is here and now. Realize, in complete amazement and gratitude that it is an awesome privilege to be alive and to experience life. So... live. Don't just exist but live.
Connect to loved ones, share the love, smile, hug someone, enjoy a delicious meal, laugh, cry, sing, run, watch the sunset and feel what it is to be fully alive. Love fiercely, fearlessly; without reservations and regrets. Only one life, make it happen.
I am now excited for life! What's today gonna bring? What am i going to create this day? God has plenty of good in store for me! I am blessed to be a blessing. How can i bring a smile onto the faces of others, joy into their lives and inspire them to dream?
Be the change you want to see in the world. =)

sunny morning, good workout and happy endorphins

my drawing: you can't discover new seas unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

outfit of the day =)
more ootds coming!
really into fashion, dressing up and looking fab and pretty inside out! whee!

have a great day! xoxo
i love you all.

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