Friday, January 11, 2013

confidence =)

reflecting on the past year, I've realized that i have grown so much- in terms of confidence, self assurance and relationships.

im not saying I'm perfect now, but i know I'm a work in progress. i used to be that little girl cowering in the corner plagued and riddled by insecurities, distracted from life by my false beliefs about what people would think about me. it was hard, and very tiring, trying to portray a impeccable image for the world to see.

and then i realized that this image was not valuable to relationships at all, and certainly not to me. it was building walls around me and i was distancing myself, trying to protect myself from hurt, pain, judgement. i was trying to live up to everyone's expectations and in the process, i lost myself. i lost the clarity of looking at things, life, people, goals.

so, i decided to take off those tainted glasses. take off the blindfolds of years of lies, assumptions and beliefs and not let them hold me back any longer. after all, what have i got to lose?

im gonna live a PASSIONATE life. live this precious, amazing life with enthusiasm! tell my heart to beat again, love again, dream again, smile again! please tell yours to too. don't let your heart and dreams die. its the ultimate tragedy in life.

appreciate life and all its miracles- big,small, tiny. never take for granted all the blessings of God. the food you eat, the family you have, the house you live in, the job you have. so many people in this world have nothing.

profoundly experience life! don't sleepwalk through it, going through day-to-day notions with no spark. treasure every moment that you are alive - so many people fight to be alive every single day.

and the ultimate epiphany-- that i am a masterpiece created by God. I'm beautiful and unique in my own special way and God has designed me to run my own race. He will give me everything i need to fulfill my destiny. i just need to focus on being the very BEST version of ME!!

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