Wednesday, January 16, 2013

be beautiful, live beautiful and create beauty.

life is beautiful; if we want it to be.
have an idea of what your ideal life is.
then create it! it's that simple
of course, like all other things in life, it takes tremendous amount of effort and tenacity and sacrifices, but DONT GIVE UP! Because happiness is worth it and YOU deserve every bit of happiness in this whole universe.

don't tell yourself reasons why you can't have what you really desire; or give yourself excuses for not working on your dreams. instead, be CRYSTAL CLEAR on your intention and achieve results NO MATTER WHAT IT TAKES! steel determination, a strong will and unshakeable belief/faith will take you there.

happiness is a choice we make every single moment. choose to be happy. choose to feel happy. choose to do happy. spread happiness around; create an epidermic of joy in your circle/community. you can make a difference if you try.

make someone feel better, put a smile on their faces, alleviate their pain, give them a boost of sunshine in their dreary lives. .. let them know that love still exists. help them believe life is worth living, it is amazing and so very precious.

take time to connect with the people in your life. your family, your friends, colleagues, neighbors, people on the street, in the elevator etc.. they aren't in your life for no reason! go out of your way to love them, connect to the soul within. give them a hug! a big, genuine smile! give them your glow of happiness and positive energy. send them a little prayer, pay them a sweet compliment, love like its your last day on earth! the more you give, the more you will receive- the joy, the love, the abundance!

trust in God; he wants us to have our dream life! a life overflowing with love, joy and abundance!

love yourself! never ever compare yourself to others because there is only one YOU in the whole wide world!!

my drawing today-- choose happiness everyday!

hope this post brightened up your day.
i love all of you very much!
you all deserve love and happiness, so reach out and get yours today.
don't waste another day living in darkness and gloom ok?

love, madeleine xoxo
sending you all my love


  1. Well I don`t believe in any gods, but I also wrote an entry about being well today! What a coincidence :D

  2. i love your drawings!

    i guess that's why you lead such a happy and successful life!
    love your thinking!