Saturday, September 8, 2012

Scandinavian holiday part one

1. High tea at royal Copenhagen cafe in Denmark. It was such a quaint little cafe with lots of intricate chinaware, Victorian furniture and an absolutely delicious smorgasbord of delectable desserts.

2. Shopping in Copenhagen city! .. And we had to take a shopping break with coffee and cake and a cute book. :)

3.Good morning! On the cruise from Oslo to Copenhagen. It was really choppy because the seas were rough but the scenery was absolutely gorgeous! Went up to the sun deck with mum and we nearly got blown away by the wind!

4. Breakfast is my fave meal of the day!!

5. Everyday I load up on my antioxidants! Boo loves a colorful breakfast!

6. We took the flam railway in Norway up the mountains to Geilo where all the snow surfing action takes place. However, the train broke down due to heavy rains and we were trapped on the mountains for a couple of hours! We were tired, cold and hungry :( but at least we made it out alive and it was such an adventure!

7. Norwegian salmon I love you! So fresh and succulent and yummy ! So good and chockful of omega3s too!

8.mum and me! I am so grateful for this amazing holiday with mummy!

9. Most delicious raspberry pie! No one does pastries better than the Danish !

10. Outside the Stockholm city hall, overlooking the Baltic sea.

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