Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Simple pleasures in life

Today Mummy accompanied me to yoga and we had a healthy, yummy lunch at cedele. I love the sea bream and shrimp salad- it was a luscious combination of greens and seafood in a delectable, tangy wholegrain mustard sauce!
After lunch we bought books at kinokuniya- i got devotionals from Joyce Meyer and Joel Osteen. I've gotten into the habit of reading a devotional passage every morning; it really starts off my day right because it puts me in the right frame of mind and affirms all the positive things in life!
Thinking right is so important; so many times I fall into the trap of negative thinking and false beliefs; listening to lies like 'I'm not good enough, it's no use trying, nothing will change' etc
These lies steal my joy and my life away from me! Don't let your mind be clouded by negativity; focus on all the positive, beautiful things in life and be grateful to God for everything! ;)

1 ice cream!
2 smile and live life
3 our yummy lunch


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