Monday, April 19, 2010

shopping and bodycombat( my favourite duo)

OMG i finally solved the problem of my blog entries appearing twice!!! im a freakin' genius!! LOL *pats myself on the back* (i REALLY suck at computer stuff -__-)

anyway, just a quick update! pics later~!
i bought LOTS OF STUFF over the last few days. y'know they don't call it retail therapy fer nuthin.
1.canmake haul!!
2.MAC art supplies haul!
3. panasonic lash curler ( as recommended by eki), pore cleanser and manicure kit
4. lots of OPI clarisonic
6.stash of joico products fm ( they are really overpriced in singapore) and REVITALASH!(OMG HOLY GRAIL)
7.lots of jap magazines and the cute gifts that come with them ( am really liking the rebecca taylor makeup pouch that comes with may's spring, the longchamp journal that comes with anecam (zebra-print!!) and..the HBG pouch (SOOOOOCUTE) that comes with cutie)
8.clay to make my clay figurines!
9.some spring clothes from forever21 and miss selfridge ( like we have spring here..-__-)
10. cute cartier charms!

so this week i kinda fell off the healthy eating bandwagon (yes, AGAIN!!, WHATS NEW RIGHT) because of my migraines.( lame excuse madeleine) everytime i get migraines i attempt to 'eat away' my headaches. i stuff myself with chocolates and icecream and chips and every sinful thing imaginable (OMG EVEN SODA???), in the feeble hope that the sugar might numb the pain in my brain. unfortunately, it does not- not even remotely. i end up being guilty and feeling fat and bloated as well.

But! it's ok i will pick myself up and stay off those peanut M&Ms (so darn good by the way). i had combat yesterday and today. double yay for me and i plan to combat the whole week through. i hope i will. i love combat, even though i dont look like i do combat? >.< i love it when all the negative energy leaves my body, when i furiously kick/punch the air and when the sweat just drips down. it's like all the fat's dripping away....LOL (yeah , right)  i absolutely LOVE the ENDORPHIN and adrenaline rush and the high i get after working out, even though my limbs get feeble and a little jelly-like after.

to quote elle woods-
'exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people don't kill their husbands'

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  1. It sounds like you got so many nice things! I want to see photos XD