Thursday, April 22, 2010

product reviews/haul, tag and my clay cuties =)

Tag from NAKA!!
1) Your name/blogspot name.
2) Right-handed, left-handed, or ambidextrous?
3) Favorite letters to write.
4) Least favorite letters to write.
5) Write “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”
6) Write the following words in capital letters:
7) Write your favorite song lyric.
8) Any special note or picture.

next up is my canmake haul~

i really like MOST of canmake items. they are of good quality, the colours are pretty and shimmery, the pigmentation is not bad and it's a drugstore brand so they are rather inexpensive.
1.cream cheek
this is a cream blusher that is really easy to apply. it doesnt cake and leaves a non-oily, shimmery finish to the skin. i bought the shade 03 and it's a pretty pink with bits of shimmer that i adore <3
it's rather lasting and looks very natural.

2. nudy glow lip gloss in 02 strawberry whip
how cute is the name!!!!
this fits the nude look perfectly!! it's a creamy coloured gloss, something like mac's cremesheen. it's opaque so it covered my naturally red lips very well. it's slightly sticky but it does not seep into lip lines and is rather moisturising. But, it is important to remember to blend/spread the gloss evenly! Because of its' opacity, un-eveness in application tends to show.

rating: 4/5

3.dolly lash base
oh my mama!! this makes my lash ba wow boom! it is even better than the highly raved shiseido one in my opinion. =) it is a white coloured primer so be sure to cover the mascara evenly over it.

rating: 5/5

4. quick lash curler
this is supposed to be a top coat, or something you reapply during the course of the day when you notice your lashes losing its curl. it did not work for me, unfortunately. waste of money!!

5.maxi rouge in shade 02
this is a pink berry shade that is rather sheer and perfect for a natural day look. it is non-sticky and is very moisturizing and does not seem into lip lines. as i said the colour is rather sheer so it's more like a natural pink lip tint.

rating: 4/5

6. curl lash base
this is similar to the dolly lash base but i use it together. dolly lash gives more volume and length whereas the curl lash base gives more curl. the curl is NOT very obvious though. this is a clear coloured base.

rating 3/5

7. pen eyeliner (felt pen tip)
this is easy to control and use and is very resistant to sweat and tears etc. i've tried going to the gym with it and also crying with it so it's not bad! it's comparable to mac penultimate liner. =) 

rating 4/5

it's wow wow for my lashes!!! especially when used together with the dolly lash base. it is easily removed with makeup cleanser and warm water.
love it! it stays through my sweat in bodycombat!!!

rating : 5/5

too-faced fun in the dark kit!
it's uber cute!
it lights up!
comes with 4 eyeshadows, 2 lippies and 2 blushes.
it's really worth it and the quality of the makeup is good.
i find the blushes a little too dark for me though, cuz im really pale. lol
they can be used for contouring though.

these are not all the products that came in my haul because most of them were in the bathroom, lol.
i ordered joico products after watching juicystar's youtube hair video, and i must say i AM IN LOVE, after one use. my hair is like so silky and soft now i love it totally!
totally recommend the joico k-pak series, but the best item is the k-pak reconstruct deep penetrator. it smells good too!
Chi silk infusion is very moisturizing and it seals up my split ends making it look very neat. do not OD on this though, it is quite emollient.
Sebastian laminates elixir is a thermal protectant and it's only okay, really. it does weigh the hair down if more than a pea-sized drop is applied. it's expensive too =(

and lastly,
my clay babies! they are good luck charms!
i made them a few nights ago. it was really fun ^__^

phew, that's a lengthy post! thanks for reading 


  1. Weird tag hehe, omg super cute clay figures!

  2. awh u have the cutest writing ^^
    I love the little clay figures and i really want to try canmake and too faced but its hard to get in the UK :(
    love the post ^^

  3. naka: if u really want canmake items i can send it over to you =)
    canmake is cheap here but too-faced is overpriced. for too-faced products i suggest u buy from