Monday, April 19, 2010

madeleine's favourites!

a tag!!
im tagging all my followers and all who read this!

Fave A-Anime-Sailor moon
Fave B-Blusher- canmake cheek palette ( OMG so shimmery and pretty and pigmented)
Fave C-Clothing brand-Liz lisa
Fave D-Diet Aid- FANCL slim ex
Fave E-Exercise-BODYCOMBAT!!
Fave F-Food- Special K fruit and yogurt cereal with meiji strawberry milk (yummmmm!)
Fave G-Girl group- Girls generation/SNSD
Fave H-Hair product- Kerastase oleo relax
Fave I-Ice-cream!!- pistachio ice-cream in shibuya
Fave J-Jeweller- CARTIER *love*
Fave K-Kit-Too-faced brow envy kit
Fave L-Liner - MAC ( for pencil) and Dolly wink ( for liquid)
Fave M-Mask- DHC mineral mask and Soigne curecustard mask (it's a tie!)
Fave N-Nail polish-OPI
Fave O-Online activity-Creating sets on POLYVORE and watching YOUTUBE videos!
Fave P-Popcorn flavour- strawberry! ( which can only be found in disneyland and in the cutest marie container...)
Fave Q-Quest-Losing weight (which never happens >.< )
Fave R-Relaxation Activity- Nice-smelling Bath with lots of suds, bubbles and a LUSH BATHBOMB
Fave S-skincare product- CLE DE PEAU la creme ( seriously amazing.)
Fave T-Travel destination-JAPAN
Fave U-Undereye concealer- Smashbox high definition concealer
Fave V-Valentine's gift- Hermes birkin/kelly ^___^
Fave W-WII game- dance dance revolution!!
Fave X-X-boyfriend?- hahaha
Fave Y-Yoga pose- dancer's pose
Fave Z-Zit zapper- hydrocortisone jab