Monday, April 19, 2010

im sorry, photobooth pictures again...

cuz i was too lazy to charge my camera?
yeah, lame excuse i know ^__^

i dont know if you can see clearly but here im showing off my clay figurines!
they are supposed to be little animated raindrops!

new nail design! i totally forgot to take pics of my 3D nail design last week, such a waste!
anyway this is a simple nail design i did 
base colour: 3 coats of bright pink (etudehouse)
diagonal stripes: konad fine brush for nail art
black tips: silky girl nail colour in black (OMG DONT USE THIS it's horrible)
shimmer top coat: PA nail design in sparkling lame ( this comes with little star sequins too, and i tried to position them at the top of the nail. pretty annoying cuz i had to 'fish' for the little star sequins and they are all stuck to the bottom of the bottle!!!)


  1. i love ur nails ^^
    tehe yep both of my parents are hong kong chinese ^^

    thanks for visiting ^^

  2. heehee thanks for the award i will do it soon ~~~~

  3. Cute nail design girly, extra cute blog :D